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Contoh-contoh teks Narrative

Contoh-contoh teks narrative

1). Sleeping Beauty
            The king and queen were celebrating the birth of their only daughter. The fairies of the kingdom came to the palace to celebrate the new born baby. And, as trditional marked,each one gave a gift to the child. But as the youngest fairy was abuot to bestow her gift upon the baby, a witch came in! The witch was very angry because she didn’t been invited to the party.
          “One day the princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die!” she shouted bitterly.
          “No!” intervened the youngest fairy. “Instead, she will sleep for a hundred years.”
          The youngest fairy did not have the power to cancel the switch’s spell, but she could change the spell and help the princess.
          The following day, the king ordered his people to burn any spindles in the kingdom. He thought by doing so, he could save the pricess from the curse. Time passed by. The king and queen were happy to see their daughter grow up happily and healthily.
          One sunny spring day, the princess took a walk together with her lady companions. The lady companions were so busy talking that they didn’t see the princess opening an old wooden door with full of curiosity.
          “Well!” said the princess, “I’ve never been here before.”
          After going up a long flight of stairs, the princess found a room with an old woman spinning with a spindle. The young lady had never seen one before and was very curious!
          The princess ment in and asked, “What are you doing old lady?”
          “I’m spinning a spindle. Come nearer and you’ll be able to do it, I’ll try show you how” said the evil witch.
          Soon after, the lady companions found the young princess lying on the floor. When they saw the spindle, they immediately understood what had happened.
          “Oh, no! She has pricked herself! The yooung princess has pricked herself and will now sleep for one hundred years!” they cried.
          The king ordered the princess to be taken to the best room in the palace and sent his messengers to find the youngest fairy. When the youngest fairy came, she waved her magic wand and everybody who accompanied the princess immediately fell asleep, too.
          The tears went by. Nobody remembered the princess and the curse anymore until, one day, a young prince decided to climb up the tallest tree and see what the abandoned palace was hiding. There he saw the princess and fell in love with her.
          The prince went into the palace. He thought the sleeping princess was so beautiful that he kneeled next to her bed to kiss her cheek. Magically, the “Sleeping Beauty” and the whole palace awoke.
The following year, the prince asked the princess to mary him. Eventually, they became the happiest couple in the kingdom and lived happily ever after.

2). The Three Brothers
          Once upon a time, there were three young brothers who lived with their father in a smal village. Their father was old and always sick. The old man knew that he was not going to live for long, so he tried to split his wealth for his sons.
          “Listen, sons. I’am going to leave you this small hut and that small farm land out there for all of you. The buffalo is for you, Kirno,” said the old man to his first son.
          “What about me, father?” asked Beno, the second son.
          “You can take care of our plough,” said the old man.
          “And you my little son, I give you this small bag of rice seed.
          “Thank you, father,” said Gito, thr third son.
          “All of you can change your destiny with all the things I give you. However, you must help each other and remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,” muttered the old man.
          Those were the last words from the old man to his sons. Few hours later, the old man passed away.
            A day after the old man died, Kirno went to the market to sell his buffalo. Gito ran after him, trying to remind him about their father’s will which asked them to help each other. But Kirno ignored him. Beno also sold the plough and enjoyed the money himself. Kirno and Beno did nothing but spent their money.
          Gito was very upset. But he wanted to become a good farmer like his father. So, he borrowed a plough from his neighbour. He had to plough the farm land by himself because he did not have any buffaloes. He worked so hard from the sun rose until the sun set.
          Efter seven years of working hard, Gito became a successful farmer. But he wasnot happy because he kept thinkingof his brothers. He looked for his brothers everywhere, but still he could not find them.
          One day, Gito went down to down to buy some farmig equipment. When he was about to leave the shop, a beggar asked him for some money and a pickpocket was trying to take his wallet. These people were actually gito’s brothers. Gito recognized them at the first place. Feeling very happy, Gito quickly hugged them.
In the end, Gito told them that he had become a successful farmer. He also intited them to stay in his house. Kirno and Beno felt ashamed to Gito. They realized that they had done a terrible mistake in the past.

3). The Legend Of Banyuwangi
          Once upon a time, in eastern part of Java Island, there was a kingdom ruled by a king. The king’s name was Prabu Menak Prakoso. One day, Prabu Menak Prakoso an his soldiers invaded the Kingdom of Klungkung in Bali. The king of Klungkung was killeed on the battlefield, yet his daughter, Made Surati, and his son, Agung Bagus Mantra, were able to escape and hide in the jungle.
          Prabu Menak Prakoso had a son named Raden Banterang. He was such a handsome young man. One day, Raden Banterang went to the jungle for hunting. It was in the jungle that Raden Banterang met Made Surati. She was then taken to Blambangan to be his wife. Raden Banterang and Made Surati enjoyed a happy life in the palace.
          When Raden Banterang was hunting one day, Made Surati was surprised by the arrival of a dirty beggar asking for her pity. The princess was surprised to find that the beggar was her older brother, Agung Bagus Mantra. She promptly squatted and embraced her brother’s legs. However, her great respect of her brother was not well accepted. Instead, Agung Bagus Mantra asked his sister to kill Raden Banterang, but such a request was rejected. He was very angry with her and came up with a sly idea to slander her.
          Slowly but surely, Agung succeeded in convincing Raden Banterang that his wife had been involved in a scandal with anotther man. Asking for compassion, Made Surati tried to tell the truth and denied her husband’s occusation. Hearing his wife’s explanation, the king became angrier and angrier. As a proof of a her sacred love, she asked her husband to kill her. As a last request, she asked her husband to throw her dead body into the river. She said that if the water in the river smelled terrible, it meant that she had ever been sinful, but if it smelled fragrant, it meant that she was innocent.
          Raden Banterang who was unable to control his emotions soon stabbed his dagger into his wife’s chest. She died instantly. The dead body of Made Surati was quickly thrown into the dirty river. Raden Banterang was shocked to see the river suddenly become clean and as clear as glass with a fragrant smell. Raden Banterang screamed crazily and regretted his deed. He walked unsteadily and fell into the river screaming, “Banyu...Wangi...Banyuwangi!” This means “fragrant water”.
          Banyuwangi was born from the proof of noble and sacred love. From then on, the place is called Banyuwangi.

4). Little Red Riding Hood
          One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, “Little, Grandma called me on the phone and said she didn’t feel so well. Why don’t you get your motorbike and bring her some fruits?”
          “Oh, poor Grandma... Okay, Mother. I’ll go to her house right away,” said Little Red Riding Hood.
          “Be careful with the traffic, dear. And don’t drive too fast,” advised her mother.
          “Okay!” answered Little Red Riding Hood.
          As soon as she got to her grandma’s house, she knocked on the door.
          “Come in,” said the voice inside, “the door is open”
          Whwn Little Red Riding Hood walked into the bedroom, she saw an old lady look so busy listening to rock music.
          “Grandma? Wow! This is a surprise! I thought you hate rock music!” said Little Red Riding Hood.
          “Oh plese, dear. I have always listened to rock music even before your mother was born.” Said the old lady.
          “But Grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “I don’t know you like reading comics!”
          “Oh yes I do, I read a lot of comics everyday,” muttered the old woman.
          “And Grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “Are you eating chewing gums?”
          “Yes, I am,” answered the old woman. “I love chewing gums, but I like little girls like you better.
          Suddenly, Little Red Riding Hood quickly took an aerosol out of her pocket and sprayed her until she fainted.
          “I knew you were not Grandma.”
          Later, she found her grandmother trapped in the garage.
          “Oh dear, thank God you’re here,” said Grandma “That burglar wanted to steal all my precious things.”
          “That’s horrible, Grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood, putting the spray back into her pocket. “Let’s call the police right away.”  

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